Wood Carpentry Replacement
We at Kolas Contracting Inc. specialize in any residential or commercial wood and carpentry repairs. We have skilled and equipped workers who can work on damaged woods, decks, flooring, and drywall. Carpentry repairs are one of the services we are completely capable of doing. Our valued clients in the area seek our services because we give high regard to quality and good customer service.

We train and equip our carpenters with the right knowledge, skills, and attitude when it comes to carpentry. We are all about fixing, repairing, and replacing any part of your home or establishment using our highly innovative approaches in the field of carpentry.

You can entrust your home repair and wood replacement needs on us. Before we start our projects, we ensure that our clients are given a complete itemized list of all the carpentry repairs that your home or building needs, including the appropriate costs. This is to make our clients aware of the complete finances that the project is going to cost. As much as possible, we don’t want to place any confusion in the minds of our clients.

Our workers have keen eyes that can identify all rotten wood in an establishment before starting the job and can find out any piece of rot as we work on every square inch of your property. We do not allow our workers to overlook any rotten areas that have to be replaced.

Knowing that they are in the right company, our clients are at peace when they avail any of our services.