Basemend Remodel
The basement is a part of the home that provides you with extra space. Although it might be the least of the rooms to consider remodeling, a basement can provide a whole new experience to you and your family. Make use of that extra space by having your basement decorated and transformed to any way you want it! Who can do the job better than our highly-trained staff at Kolas Contracting Inc.?

Our staff is highly-trained to transform your basement through our highly chic and modern refurnishing pieces and decorating approaches. Whether you want your basement to be transformed into a playroom or a wine cellar, we can help you achieve your desires for that room in your home. Our skilled employees are equipped with particular knowledge and skills about basement remodeling that has gained us a reputation throughout the years.

You can expect only experienced staff to work on your home. We believe that it is our duty to, not only deliver you our services in the most efficient manner, but also to provide you with an opportunity to collaborate with us on how to design your extra space at home. It is our dedication to be of service to you. Your basement needs are our priority, yet we never wish to let you give up a fortune. We make sure that we bring you our high-quality services without disregarding your tight budget.

Many of our clients have guaranteed satisfaction from our services at Kolas Contracting Inc. Our exceptional services and professional customer ethics have gained us valuable trust from our clients throughout the years.