Siding and Cladding
Kolas Contracting Inc. is the home of highly skilled workers who have been providing excellent and high quality services to many satisfied clients within the area. Throughout the years, many people have sought our services in fixing, repairing, and enhancing any of their residential or commercial establishments.

When it comes to siding and cladding, we pride ourselves with the most highly innovative accessories, eaves trough systems, and roll-forming machineries that we utilize for our projects.

We provide a complete range of eaves trough products that are the best in the roll-forming business. These include k-style eaves troughs in five and six inches, the largest downpipe selections and accessories, as well as break-formed commercial eaves troughs.

When it comes to exterior cladding, which includes brick and wood siding, function and aesthetics are the top elements that we keep in mind. We take note of its functionality since a cladding protects the structure of the house from environmental elements. But we also give high regard to its aesthetic function as a good cladding creates a first impression on a home – which can have a lasting effect on your neighbors and guests.

Kolas Contracting Inc. will give you a variety of standard colors with our durable gutter coils. We have strong and chip-proof aluminum and steel gutters depending on the needs of your home. Our technicians are experts at finding out the exact needs of your establishment and provide solutions for them with the best that they can.