Masonry Repairs
We at Kolas Contracting Inc. are the leading painting and construction company in Alexandria, VA. People within the area seek our professional help when it comes to masonry repairs and restorations. Finding the right company to do the job could be difficult for such a fragile and intricate task, but our well-trained experts at Kolas Contracting Inc. are up for the challenge all the time!

Foundation problems are most of the time caused by cracks in the stucco, stone, and brick materials in the walls. These cracks can be due to deterioration by aging, design flaw, settlement, or all of these factors combined. When this condition is left unresolved, masonry cracks can complicate into further damage due to water leakage and structural instability. When done in a haphazard manner, the cracks may simply be refilled which does not only leave a noticeable scar, but also makes it possible for the cracks to reappear in the future soon.

We are equipped with the right products and materials to provide a solution to any cracks in your residential and commercial buildings. We especially have a patented synthetic product that is superior when it comes to masonry crack repair. Our skilled technician will mix and match its texture and color to the walls being treated. It has acrylic fuses that make it a flexible and lasting solution when it comes to masonry repair and restorations.

You will never go wrong with the products and services that we provide!