Bathroom Remodel
At Kolas Contracting Inc, we make sure that the most vital parts of your home can be restored or enhanced with our quality products and services. We are very particular with renovating your bathroom to a whole new level. Even though it might be an inconspicuous part of the home, the bathroom must also reflect the ambiance of the home. We are qualified to give you quick and effective solutions to your bathroom problems.

We have trained staff who can deliver extensive bathroom remodeling services in accordance to our clients’ preferences. We are equipped with a wide range of modern designs and approaches when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Not only are our staff trained to give only quality performance in delivering our services, craftsmanship and customer ethics is also something that they are particular with.

Our staffs here at Kolas Contracting Inc are highly approachable and reliant. We believe that in order to achieve success in our work, constant and effective communication with our clients is a must. In order to bring out the best from your bathroom, we also need our clients’ opinions and preferences as to how they would want this part of their home to become.

Bathroom remodeling is one thing that Kolas Contracting takes pride in. We have satisfied many families with our reliable and quick service with minimal disruption to their daily activities at home. We believe in the saying, “Time is gold,” which is why we make every moment count, not just in completing our job, but in allowing you to complete yours.