Millwork Staining and Recoating (final) Alexandria VA Alexandria VA2Here at Kolas Contracting Inc., we are all about providing you with services that are of high quality and excellent durability to last over a long time. When it comes to millwork staining and recoating, the right high quality materials should be used to achieve a perfect finish.

We have qualified workers who will do the job with much expertise on staining and recoating projects. We do any commercial and residential establishments and finish our job at the soonest time possible. We give most regard to doing the prep work prior to staining. A good preparation is the key to provide a successful and long-lasting finish to your walls.

Kolas Contracting Inc. is known to provide quality services because of the materials and equipment that we use on our projects. We treat your wood with much caution using mildew as a preparation treatment. This allows the spores on the wood’s top layers to be killed and prevented from growing.

We also use other wood restorer products to enhance the appearance of your wood, as well as only the best grit sandpapers to remove the dust off of your walls.

We bare wood from loose stains as much as possible using only the highest quality materials. We strip it bare to create a beautiful appearance to your wood every time. Then, we apply semi-transparent stains that will give it a lighter shade.

With Kolas Contracting Inc., you are assured that we give your homes a classy and elegant finish, leaving you nothing but pure satisfaction.