Restoration - Historic

When it comes to restoring your well-preserved residential homes and commercial establishments, our skilled and qualified technicians at Kolas Contracting Inc. are the best in putting up to the challenge. Armed with the right skills and top quality equipment, we can restore the original ambience of your old home just the way you want it to be.

Our clients in Alexandria, VA have been seeking us for professional help when it comes to historic restorations. We have provided pure satisfaction to our clients as we transformed even the most primitive establishments into fully-functional buildings and properties. You can never go wrong with the intricate details and fine craftsmanship that we value the most.

We have hired only the best restoration tradespeople who are equipped with much understanding about vintage designs and the latest techniques in order to restore and preserve the historic features of your home as much as possible. We do complete restorations of bigger structures to even the smallest projects, such as a door or window reconstruction.

Kolas Contracting Inc. is the most sought-after in the area in historic restorations because we combine modern functionality and convenience to the primitive ambience of your properties. We make sure that even the flooring, paint colors, and the smallest features are restored to give you nostalgia and a good blast to the past.

We value your opinions and suggestions and apply them to our jobs, as well. It is our priority to work closely with our clients to make our jobs personalized as much as possible.